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Our key aim is to make sure you succeed, that is what motivates us. We have experience developing first class fitness communities where people not only train and improve, but have fun, develop lasting friendships and become part of a supportive, rewarding community.

This is not your normal gym, Millenia Fitness is about pushing yourself as well as the others you’re training with, whatever your standard you’ll receive support and encouragement from the coaches and fellow members to make sure you love every session.

This is an indoor venue, so there will be no rolling around in the mud in the freezing cold in the middle of winter like some bootcamps. With our amazing training facility and brand new changing facilities you can get a nice warm shower before you leave instead of sitting in your car covered in mud!

The Coaches

Dan Paterson

I have been in the fitness industry and a personal trainer since 2007. Within this time I have worked at several leading gyms and worked under many top coaches and trainers. I have tons of CPD courses to further my knowledge of the industry so that I can develop into the best trainer I can be and will continue to do so. I have been self employed now since 2009 and have opened Physique personal training, Wakefield Crossfit and Millenia Fitness. I love the industry and I live and breathe what I do. I am eternally grateful for what CrossFit has done for my personal development both as a coach and athlete. I would recommend it to anyone.

— BA (Hons) Physical Education

— Padbox (CPD)

— Premier Kettlebell Training (CPD)

— Lvl 3 Personal Training (Active IQ)

— Lvl 3 Nutrition & Weight Management (GYQ)

— Lvl 3 Exercise & Fitness Knowledge (Active IQ)

— Olympic Weight Lifting for Fitness Professionals

Olivia Oldroyd

I grew up playing sports and totally excelled in them all. However when I started training with Paul, I was complete beginner and couldn’t even do one press up. I hated not being able to do everything and that’s when CrossFit became much more than just a hobby! Fast forward 3 years and I now have my dream job as a personal trainer and heavily involved in coaching at Millenia Fitness. I’ve managed to obtain lots of qualifications with my most recent being CrossFit Level 1. Having started from the bottom as a complete beginner, I love having that understanding and being able to help! I have found that a little fun combined with being patient is the key to getting the best out everyone.

Paul Bedford

I’ve been in the fitness industry over 10 years and I still love every second of it. I pride myself in delivering the highest standard of coaching I can. Everyone has the ability to continually improve, no matter what your standard. I constantly look to enhance my coaching skills and I’ve completed every possible course and taught by some of the best coaches in the UK.

I am a full time personal trainer / coach and crossfit athlete. I enjoy every aspect of health and fitness, but helping people improve their mobility, fitness and achieve their goals is what really drives me.

“If you work hard enough you will achieve anything”

— NASM level 3 Personal Trainer
— Degree (hons) Health related fitness
— Kettlebells (premier training)
— Advanced Nutrition level 3 (Premier Training)
— F.A. Level 1 coaching
— Boxercise Class and Pads training

Dave Young

Enthusiasm and encouragement are two important aspects I get across in my classes at Millennia Fitness. I want members to enjoy the session, but at the same improve their physical capabilities and push their own limits during a workout.

I love working in the health and fitness sector, I’m constantly learning and developing the latest movements, mobility, and exercise techniques – which I look to incorporate into my classes, keeping them varied and staying away from routine.

No one ever walked into a training environment an “athlete” and I always feel it’s my responsibility as a coach to increase your level of athleticism through my coaching abilities and class workouts. If at the end of your session you say to yourself you enjoyed training and gave everything you had – then I know I’ve done my job well.

— Premier Kettlebell Training (CPD)
— Lvl 3 Personal Training (Active IQ)
— Lvl 3 Nutrition & Weight Management (GYQ)
— Lvl 3 Exercise & Fitness Knowledge (Active IQ)

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Great Coaches

Excellent value

Motivational group exercise classes

Varied classes

Fantastic indoor facility

Make friends & join a fitness community

The question isn’t “why join”… its “why not?!”… come down for a free taster session and see what its all about!

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